23 November 2007

Patterns in the classroom

This pattern goes blue, yellow, blue, yellow and so on. And it's mountain, valley, mountain, valley. When you spin it, it turns into a brownish yellow colour. And also it's cool!

I made a mistake

I went to the bathroom to do a wee
I made a mistake and found a pea!

15 November 2007

Patterns on my socks

MATTHEW W: My sock pattern is ABABABAB...9, 10, 9, 10...

07 November 2007

Using Cubes to Make Patterns

In our pattern there are 4 blacks and 5 reds, then 4 blacks and 5 reds. There are 63 pieces altogether. We can use snap and clap to show our pattern: snap snap snap snap; clap clap clap clap clap and so on…