26 January 2008


We made a rocket and it has stands and boosters and also it has a way that they can get out. Two of the boosters are made out of plastic straws and the big booster is made out of a plastic cup and the stands are made out of plastic yoghurt pots.

‘Well I like the way you put the boosters on,’ said Rekik.

17 January 2008

What is it like?

Say Hello to Fluffy
I brought Fluffy to school. It's because I thought it is made of material.

What's it like?
I think it is made of cotton.
It's kind of soft.

My Guitar
This is a guitar and it is made of shiny wood and you can see a reflection of my hand. It is made of wood but with lots of other materials, like plastic and metal. The screws are made of plastic and some of the strings are made of metal and some are made of plastic.

What is it like?
It is shiny and reflective.

My R2D2 Coin
This is R2D2 on a coin. The coin is shiny and made of metal, but not iron and not steel. When you drop it it makes a ringing sound.

What's it like?
It is very light.
It is very strong.

My Plastic Raptor
He is a raptor (which is a kind of dinosaur). I haven't seen him for a long time; I lost him. Also, he is a nice raptor.

What's it like?
He is hard and shiny.

My Glove
I wanted some show and tell but I didn't have any so I found my glove and I thought I could share that. It is made from a waterproof fabric. It is made from polyester which is made by humans.

What's it like?
It is waterproof and mostly non-stretchy.